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James Lyndsay Tourist Ministry of Sound
Photography by James Lyndsay

Tourist’s favourite sensitive tracks

The London producer charts the tracks giving him the #feels in celebration of Ministry of Sound’s new Audio Range

Ministry of Sound couldn't have a better champion than UK electronic producer Tourist. In two short years, he's gone from being a festival favourite to the dark horse behind chart-toppers – he even scored a Grammy for his hand in co-writing Sam Smith's mega-ballad "Stay With Me". But when it comes to his solo material – like his current single "Holding On" – he's more concerned with creating pumping yet heartfelt anthems that sound as good on a long train journey as a night on the tiles. Or, as he puts it “dance music for people who don't like to dance”. It was with this spirit that he jumped behind the mic at London's Ministry of Sound last month, to celebrate the cult club's new Audio Range. With the aim of making MoS’s world-class sound systems portable, the club kings have launched nine new products, allowing you take the party home – from wireless Bluetooth headphones to multi-room speakers. Nice. Given that Tourist's a master of the heart-tugging electronic tune, we hit him up for the tracks that are making him feel all kinds of ways right now.

To see more of the cult club's new Audio Range, click here


“Whoever hurt this guy has been responsible for some of the most tender songs I've heard recently. Musically, in terms of chords and toplines, he doesn't reach for the usual suspects and that is so satisfying to hear. A real classic.”


“Her voice is really what drew me to this record.  Vulnerable and strong all at once. Production wise it's so refrained also, it's as if this song couldn't have ended up any other way - which, sounds easy but is so difficult to do. I'm so excited for her year.”


“I think this surprised everyone in the best possible way. The conflicting feelings of "I should hate this" and "this is just so good" are so potent. I think this proves Justin's talent as a singer, so what if he's made missteps in the media – for me this makes up for it. It's amazing what a flute line can achieve.”


“I've loved everything George has put out so far, and he's clearly a really talented DJ but I think what I enjoy about this so much is how it sounds so effortless for him. Sure, he can make club bangers but it's as if he's had this talent as a songwriter that he's kept hidden for ages. It's mournful and reflective without being soppy.”


“Sonically this is one of the most exciting records I've heard this year. I saw this dude live recently and he truly changed how I thought about things. His musical world seems incredibly well defined and I think it's just so nice to see someone so confident in their convictions as a musician. I can't wait to hear the record!”