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Fetty Wap and Azealia Banks Trap Queen Remix

Azealia Banks, Gucci Mane & Quavo remix ‘Trap Queen’

Fetty Wap’s anthem gets the all-star treatment, with a girl power twist from Banks

Fetty Wap’s wild ode to stoner love already surpassed left-lane hip hop breakthroughs of the past 12 months like “Tuesday” or “No Flex Zone” – at least in terms of chart success. “Trap Queen”, the New Jersey rap genius’ anthem, is currently sitting at Number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100. And here’s a supercharged re-up that’ll only add to its omnipresence. Badged a “UK remix”, guests Azealia BanksGucci Mane and Quavo (of Migos) draw the daggering beat into their own distinctive worlds, pulling Wap’s threads of working the pole and baking pies for your baby into new directions.

It’s Banks who really twists up the track, with a you-go-girl verse applauding the Trap Queen’s #cake. Playfully sparring with Wap, she shouts out her squad (“you got drugs, we got us”), before switching to sing the bridge with the blancmange-rich timbre of BWET cut “Soda”. Elsewhere, a narced-out Gucci sounds like he’s still hitting Spring Breakersstash, and Quavos one-ups Wap’s Lambo by getting his Trap Queen a Mercedes (with Versace interiors, no doubt). So while this is hardly the first “Trap Queen” remix – everyone from Lil Kim to French Montana has already jumped on the homespun anthem – it’s first to truly make it platinum-plated. Hear it exclusively on Dazed: