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The Preatures
Izzi and Jack channelling the raw energy The Preatures bring to every live showvia Unrecorded

Listen to The Preatures' definitive rock and roll mix

Whip up a frenzy with the best tracks from the Aussie rock quintet's collection

On April 13th, Australian rock quintet The Preatures released their much anticipated debut album Blue Planet Eyes here in the UK. We caught their live show in Camden last month and were blown away by the energy of dark-haired Italo-Aussie bombshell Isabella Manfredi. While performing songs including “Somebody’s Talking” and “Is This How You Feel?” the Chanel ambassador cartwheeled around the stage like a true rock and roll pro, whipping bandmates and audience up into a frenzy.

In the midst of touring the world to promote Blue Planet Eyes and share their music, the guys took time to put together a little mix for Dazed, designed to give listeners a taste of what makes the band tick. We also caught up with guitarist Jack Moffitt to find out a little more about what’s been going on in the world of The Preatures.

So, tell us about the mix you’ve put together.

Jack Moffitt: The mix consists of favourites from the playlist we put on at our shows, with a couple of tracks from our record in there. Izzi put it together, and it’s a good picture of the influences we have collectively and individually. There is a lot of sound in there that definitely inspired our album; records with an atmosphere we love. It’s important to have a mood in the room when you put on a show. This is the kind of mood we’ve been in, and it’s the mood around the album.

What’s it like being on tour with The Preatures? 

Jack Moffitt: You know, we always joke that anyone who was around for our tours would probably think we were seriously boring. And I can’t say for sure if we are or we aren’t, but we do have a good time on the road. It’s impossible to describe… You want to be out when you’re cooped up, and you want to be at home when you’re out, But all you have to focus on is getting your energy up for the show. We’re fairly critical, because we want to be great every night. That doesn’t always come from your best side.

What music do you listen to on the road?

Jack Moffitt: I’ve been listening to the Courtney Barnett record, which I really love. It’s the kind of music that can be really divisive. Some people wonder what the point of her songs are, but I love that they remind me of our home and our lives. I think she’s fantastic. You don’t have to be Australian to appreciate it. Also I had the new Rihanna track on, the new Pond album, some Lennon, Sam Smith, the new Tame Impala track… I went back to the Frank Ocean album the other day. I also love old records and the radio in different parts of the UK and Europe, they have great radio in France.

Do you guys work on new music while on the road? 

Jack Moffitt: Yeah we do. Izzi’s always sitting with an idea, and Gid will be working on something. I’ve been working lately in Ableton and writing anything that comes to mind. Izzi and I did some demos in London recently, a couple of songs we’ve had on the back burner for a while now which we’re excited about.

You guys have a great chemistry on stage. How do you feel during live shows? And is it similar or very different when in-studio/rehearsals?

Jack Moffitt: One of the main reasons there’s so much chemistry on stage is down to us all responding to the energy Izzi takes to performing. But sometimes you’re in the room and sometimes you’re not. It differs a lot from the studio or rehearsals. There’s a sudden feeling of doing something for all-time, which can be a strange leveller and put you in a big hole. I love them both equally, with as much hate for when it’s bad. When it’s bad it’s fucking bad. Rehearsal is just torture you choose, it’s like putting your soul on the rack for fun.

Tell us a bit about Blue Planet Eyes out this month

Jack Moffitt: Well it’s long overdue, that I can say for certain. But also it’s locked in the year we had, from CMJ in 2013 to coming back to the UK/US late last year, it’s the snapshot of us as a band in that time. We did so much work and so much touring, we were ragged and driven and up every night working. I think it’s a perfect picture of what we were trying to do. I’m quite proud of what we’ve made, and we’re all very keen to get started on the next one.

What is a Preature? How did that name come about?

Jack Moffitt: We’ve never thought of it is a singular thing, it’s always Preatures. But a Preature could be an irreverent creature. Some kind of proud and freakish animal. We were originally The Preachers, which is hard to look up, and it’s religious, so some people thought we were a God Rock band. We wanted to keep the sound of the name without changing it too much. One day on the bus I saw a pub with a sign for Little Creatures ales out the front and wrote down ‘Creatures/Preatures’. I thought it was kinda cheesy. We had a few different spellings, but that one looked and felt right. I’m not saying I invented a new word or anything, but I did.


Mac De Marco – “Rock and Roll Nightclub”

Connan Mockasin – “Caramel”

The Preatures – “Rock and Roll Rave”

POND – “Zond”

Prince – “Kiss”

!!! – “One Girl / One Boy”

The 101ers – “Keys to Your Heart”

The Nerves – “Hanging on the Telephone”

Blondie – “Sunday Girl”

The Preatures – “Cruel”

Harry Nilsson – “Jump Into The Fire (single version)”

Patti Smith – “Gloria”

INXS – “Original Sin”

UMO – “How Can U Luv Me”

The Strokes – “Last Night”

The Pretenders – “Back on the Chain Gang”