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Heidi Klum Sia Fire and Gasoline music video
Heidi Klum in "Fire and Gasoline"

Heidi Klum stars in Sia's new ‘Fire Meet Gasoline‘ video

The Australian singer has switched out Maddie Ziegler and found a new muse

Not long after dropping "Big Girls Cry", Sia is back with another star-studded video – this time without the dynamic gymnastics of child prodigy Maddie Ziegler. Step forward, Heidi Klum. The German supermodel stars alongside Game Of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal as the two play out a steamy love affair in "Fire Meet Gasoline", holding hands in grassy savannahs, kissing under bedsheets and uh... Burning down houses and killing people with rocks.

Klum has dabbled in acting before, with cameo appearances in The Devil Wears Prada and Sex and the City, but here she's star of the show. The vid offers a very literal metaphor for the song's meaning: couple enjoy illicit meetings, ultimately couple are bad for each other, but couple can't stop. You could say it's a bit like fire and gasoline.

Turns out we were way out with our predictions on who would be Sia's next muse – we suggested Hari NefSergei Polunin or Brendan Jordan. Fingers way off the pulse. Check out the video below.