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Here's pretty much every song used in a Wes Anderson film

Looking for a new soundtrack to your life? Start with this 166-song playlist

Wes Anderson buffs, this one's for you: an anonymous superfan has created an exhaustive, 166-track playlist of literally almost every song that has appeared in the director's eight-film ouvre. Need a soundtrack for your slo-mo walk to meet your half-brother, who's secretly in love with you, ala The Royal Tenenbaums? Or a backing track for your beachside dance with your pre-teen boyfriend, as shown in Moonrise Kingdom? It's all here. 

As AV Club notes, there are a few songs missing – like some Satyajit Ray tracks from The Darjeeling Limited and Mark Mothersbaugh’s instrumental scores – but this is probably the most comprehensive rundown of Anderson's musical choices out there. Everything from his debut film, Bottle Rocket, all the way up to the Oscar-winning The Grand Budapest Hotel is represented.

It's like taking a stroll through Anderson's cinematic mind, and thanks to his longrunning collaboration with music supervisor Randall Poster, the soundtrack actually makes for a pretty consistent listening experience.

A jumbo boxset of every single Wes Anderson soundtrack ever was released last year on ABKCO Records, but if you couldn't get your hands on that, this is the next best thing.

Listen to it below: 

 (h/t AV Club)