Outfit are back, and breathing ‘New Air’

These days they’re sounding all spacious, fluid and mesmerising, like this video

This June, Outfit return to the public eye and to each other with their second album, Slowness. Recorded during a period when the members were split across two countries and three cities, the LP deals with the impressions relationships leave when stretched out over physical distance, and that theme also breathes through the group's newly open sound; in particular, you can hear it in their spiky new ballad “New Air”, which takes its sweet time to bring each new synth or vocal into the orbit of its mournful piano chords.

Video director Lucy Hardcastle says she heard a “mysteriousness” and “vulnerability” in all that spaciousness when she first listened to the track, and so to match it she used ferrofluid – liquid that does weird things in the presence of magnetic fields –  to create this mesmerising accompaniment. “The rise and fall of momentum in the song almost provides a thick viscosity in terms of materials,” she explains. “I wanted to create something that was peculiar enough to be fixated by.” Mission accomplished.

Memphis Industries will release Slowness on June 15 (pre-order it here); Outfit will headline The Lexington on May 13 (buy tickets here)

Full Disclosure: We've featured Outfit a lot before – for example here and here, but since those features Thomas Gorton, Outfit's synth player, has begun working for us as a writer