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Kanye performing "Jesus Walks" at KOKOMaya Kellermann

The full rundown on Kanye West's secret Koko show in London

Yeezy debuted a new song and brought Novelist, Skepta, JME, Wu-Tang and Big Sean to the party

Kanye West announced that he'd be playing an intimate show at Koko in Camden, London, sparking a mad scramble for the £50 tickets last night. It was typical Yeezy. Fresh from having debuted "All Day" at the Brits, scheduling a show out of the blue shouldn't really have come as any surprise.

After taking a huge crew of UK grime artists onstage at the Brits, West came under fire from some quarters who accused him of using them to reinforce his own links to the underground. But last night, Kanye continued to show solidarity with the UK scene, inviting JME, Meridian Dan, Skepta and Novelist to open the show with performance of "That's Not Me", "It Ain't Safe" and "German Whip".

Anyone inside Koko would be forgiven for thinking that the conveyor belt of collaborators would stop there, but Wu-Tang Clan hit the stage with a performance of their 36 Chambers classic "C.R.E.A.M".

Vic Mensa performed "Wolves" with Kanye, along with a brand new track which has been credited as "U Mad" in the set listings. Even Big Sean showed up for a performance of "Blessings", off his new album Dark Sky Paradise.

Although Kanye didn't rant (perhaps it wasn't the night), prior to playing "Jesus Walks" he voiced his displeasure as the visuals behind him on a slideshow, refusing to start the song until one he actually liked came on. Then he did the whole song on his knees.

One fan, Maya Kellerman, said that she only heard about the gig hours before it was scheduled to kick off. The audience was only let in at 1.30am.

"The crowd were great," she says. "We all queued for about two hours but everyone was just really happy to have tickets. I think the wildest moment was when Big Sean and Kanye did 'I Don't Fuck With You', the crowd loved that, but it was incredible seeing Kanye and Skepta doing 'Shutdown' together too."

Earlier in the day, Kanye had paid a visit to Central Saint Martins, days after breaking down in a Radio 1 interview when remembering the legendary CSM tutor Louise Wilson. Typically, Yeezy's made waves in a short visit to the UK – stealing the show at the Brits, crying in an interview for the first time, hosting a talk at Oxford University.

Rest assured, in the run to the release of his new record, there's more to come from Kanye.

If you weren't there, don't worry. We found literally every single video on Instagram of the gig for your viewing pleasure.

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