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Azealia Banks
“Not every black woman can afford enhancements so it's not fair to other girls to make it about that...”

Azealia Banks sets her sights on the White House

The Yung Rapunxel talks politics, race, and hip-hop in a recent interview

America made history when it elected a black president for the first time in 2009, so surely the next progressive step would be to elect a black woman? Step forward Azealia Banks. Whether it’s through her music, or her interviews, Banks certainly isn’t frightened to share her opinion.

Now it seems that the New York rapper has her eyes on the Oval Office. In an interview with Channel 4 News she called for a new black political party, or at the very least a "trusted board of members" that she could head up. When pressed on whether she'd head up that board of members and if she'd run for office, Banks assured her interviewer that she would.

The 23–year–old Harlem native has always had a reputation for a fiery temper, something that she says she is working on. But while there’s hours of entertainment to be had following the fallout of whatever Twitter shade she's throwing today, recently her comments have taken a more militant vibe, at a time when race relations in the US are as strained as ever.

"I just feel like for centuries and centuries and centuries black people have been painted to be these animals and just be these crazy people when we are really not and I feel like all of the things like hip hop – these are the things we have created for ourselves in the face of all of the adversity," she said.

She went on to reiterate her views on the appropriation of hip-hop by white artists and the "cultural smudging" of black music, an issue that Banks has clashed publicly with many other pop figures on. "We've created these things for ourselves and they are ours," she said. "And they make us feel good and we don't want you in the same way you didn't want us in – we don't want you in here."

With popular music becoming more and more dominated by mainstream white artists, maybe people will start taking Banks' poltical statements a bit more seriously. She might have to steer clear of the Twitter beefs first though, as she put it in response to a different question, “self-preservation is key”.

Watch her interview below.