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Black Lake Bjork still
Black Lake was commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, New York

Watch the trailer for Björk's short film Black Lake

The Icelandic artist gets cleaved in two for the Andrew Thomas Huang-directed clip

Last Month Björk dropped her much anticipated studio album Vulnicura. This month, fans of the Icelandic auteur were treated to a preview of her upcoming art film Black Lake via YouTube. The clip is a teaser for her much-hyped Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) retrospective, which is set to open its doors in March. 

MOMA describes the full 10-minute video collaboration between Björk and LA filmmaker Andrew Thomas Huang as, "an immersive music and film experience". With themes of "pain, perishing, and rebirth", Black Lake will act as the grand finale of a show spanning the artist’s 20-year career.

Fading in from blackness, the trailer opens with the singer cooing the intro to “Black Lake”, the devastating aural centrepiece of her latest album, from which the films takes its title. Björk subtitles the track "2 months after" in Vulnicura's liner notes – her signal that the song deals with her traumatic break-up with her long-term partner, Cremaster Cycle artist Matthew Barney.  

The video shows Björk center screen, scantily clad in ferns with a crack running through her naval. Never one to shy away from exposing herself to her audience (remember the video for "Pagan Poetry"?) the split that runs through the singer’s midriff is slowly revealed to be leaking ethereal blue plasma. Naturally.

The release of the trailer acts as a teaser of things to come in what is set to be a busy few months for Björk, rounded off by her New York concert dates in March. Watch out for her in our Spring 2015 issue, which sees her discussing heartbreak and the meaning of life with Icelandic philosopher Oddný Eir.

‘Björk’ will run at the Museum of Modern Art, New York from March 8 – June 7.

Black Lake was commissioned by The Museum of Modern Art, New York