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Drake Journey

Drake releases 14-minute short film starring himself

Does this mean a follow-up to Nothing Was The Same is on its way?

Drake has been keeping things low-key this year, but things are definitely happening in Camp Aubrey. He's just released a 20-minute short film called Jungle, featuring very long shots of Drake looking moody, mysterious hot girls and Drake's crew pounding the pavement in some pretty severe-looking Toronto snow.

It also shows some pretty adorable blink-and-you'll-miss-it archive footage: there's a young Drake tossing handfuls of cash at the camera (first record deal, maybe?) and a very pre-teen Aubrey in glasses, singing along to some karaoke. Cute. 

The film begins with a shot of Drake in a car, musing on... Life? Art? Canada? "Shit's just crazy," he says in a voiceover. "The whole energy out here is just changing, you know? It's getting dark, man, quick... It feels like anyone's a target, you don't know where it's going to come from, you can't even gauge it."

"I go from trying to balance that to just like balance my own sanity, drinking more, smoking more. I'm not losing it though, you know? I'm just venting." 

You and me both, Drake. The video was uploaded to Vimeo by OVO Sound, the record label he officially founded in 2012. Does this mean a follow-up to Nothing Was The Same is on the way? In July, Drake confirmed that his new record would be titled Views From The 6 and hinted that it would drop sometime this spring.  

Watch Jungle below: