Stay+ introduces his explosive new project FAIK

Watch Beyoncé and Lady Gaga glitch out in the most psychedelic and awkwardly sexual game of The Sims you’ve ever seen

FAIK is the new audiovisual project from Stay Positive, FKA Christian AIDS/Stay+, AKA London-via-Manchester producer Matt Farthing. With the completely nuts video for “Feelfam,” Farthing kicks off a series of three new tracks and videos that are set to appear over the coming weeks: the first of the lot is an undeniable club churner, set to the most psychedelic and awkwardly sexual game of The Sims you’ve ever seen. Watch the video below, download the track here, and read on to find out how a moment of clarity at a warehouse rave in Zurich inspired Stay Positive’s new direction.

What is FAIK?

Matt Farthing: I think FAIK is what happens when you study music your whole life – getting really, really caught up in every technicality from tonality and harmony to which (freeware) limiter to use on your master channel – then it suddenly dawns on you that you don’t actually give a shit. Back in the day I remember trashing some perfectly good pop-trance tune I’d made because I realised I’d used consecutive fifths. Music is fucking insane and no one is really ever going to get it. It’s human emotion converted into soundwaves – how ridiculous is that? Most of us are guilty of thinking that we know how music should sound and, in a way, FAIK is my personal attempt to push back at that both internally and externally. 

How will this new project differ to your work as Stay+?

Matt Farthing: It’s going to be about 10 million times more fun. Feels like 'fun' can be a bit of a bad word in electronic music. Christian AIDS / Stay+ / Stay Positive got to be a bit of a Debbie Downer. I did a Stay+ gig sober once because I was on some pretty hardcore medication and I came over in a cold sweat when I realised I was actually bored. Standing on stage in Zurich at some mental warehouse rave and bored. That was a bad realisation. Then my sound card blew up but that’s another story.

Tell us about this video, what inspired it?

Matt Farthing: Music is my wife but video games are my boyfriend. It’s everyone’s favourite bae in The Sims and I’m probably going to get sued again aren’t I? I think that “Video Phone” may be one of my most favourite music videos. It’s pretty dank, memetically speaking.

What do you have coming up on the horizon?

Matt Farthing: Live shows. I’m so unbelievably excited for them. I realised the other day that the past year is the longest period of time that I’ve been without performing music publicly since I was eight years old. I’m going to put on the sickest launch party since Twitch launched Kappa. I’m going to make live electronic music. We’re talking Brandt Brauer Frick, out of their mind, wearing Global Hypercolour. It’s going to be so stupid and everyone is going to like it, a lot.