Stream The Garden's Twinheads doc playlist

Wild out as Wyatt and Fletcher of the OC punk band share 7 tracks to celebrate Liza Mandelup’s film

Twins and creative soulmates Wyatt and Fletcher Shears are the far-from-average duo behind The Garden. In Liza Mandelup's short doc, Twinheads, the Orange Country garage-punks make magic playing dress-up, roller hockey and mallratting. Mandelup explains:

“I met Wyatt and Fletcher at a mall in Orange County, California after seeing some of their videos online. The day I met them at the mall was also the day we started filming. We had talked about shooting for a day or two but ended up spending the summer together making this film. What began as a portrait about their music became a piece about their unique relationship with each other and the world around them. Drawing inspiration from childhood and feeding off each others creativity Wyatt and Fletcher have manifested their own way of being into a universe they call VADA VADA. As I got to know Wyatt and Fletcher I realised that they see the world just a little differently then most people and this becomes evident in the way they make music, the way they dress, and the choices they make. With this film I wanted to shed light on these free thinking brothers and show what it's like to live in their world.”

Stream The Garden's soundtrack from Twinheads below: