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Wu Tang Clan Once Upon A Time In Shaolin
Once Upon A Time In Shaolin in its silver boxWu-Tang Clan

Wu-Tang Clan to auction off one-of-a-kind new album

Got a few million going spare? Online auction house Paddle8 will handle the sale of the record's sole copy

If you have a spare million or ten sitting in your bank account, you'll be pleased to know that Wu-Tang Clan have finally decided what they're going to do with the sole copy of their new album, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. 

After receiving a $5 million offer from a secretive buyer and going quiet on the release, the Wu have decided to go by a route more favoured by post-internet artists like Molly Soda. They're going to auction the record off through Paddle8, the online auction house better known for pioneering the sale of digital art (read: GIFs). 

"We are honored that the Wu-Tang Clan has selected Paddle8 as the partner for the extraordinary sale of their one-of-a-kind album – a work of art that brings together the nine voices of the Wu-Tang Clan, perhaps for the last time,” Paddle8 cofounder Alexander Gilkes told the New York Observer.

"The album is a boundary-pushing masterpiece, and we are eager to make it available to Paddle8’s global collecting audience later this month."

The auction will take place as a private sale and Paddle8 will be in charge of vetting potential buyers – so no, you can't just email pretending to be RZA's mum and offer them a billion dollars. The album currently lies in a custom-made silver box locked in a vault below some mountains in Marrakech (seriously).