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R Patz
R Patz looks on as his girlfriend FKA twigs performs

Robert Pattinson is working on some music

The downside: we probably won’t be hearing it any time soon

Is this girlfriend FKA twigs' influence? Robert Pattinson might be edging his way into the music biz. "I just started (songwriting) again recently," he told Dazed in a recent interview. "I generally just do stuff that sounds nice. I don’t really write songs in a conventional way. I don’t write lyrics separately, it’s quite instinctive."

While we can't begin to imagine what his lyricisms would sound like if twigs were involved, it's hard not to recall his surprise cameo on Death Grips' album. It's probably best not to imagine at all – that is, it most likely won't be released to the public. "I wouldn’t mind doing scores or something, but I’m quite sensitive to criticism," he admits. "I’ve got a lot of criticism coming from one aspect of my life (laughs), so I don’t really want anyone’s opinion on it." Here's hoping 'anyone' is noninclusive of twigs.

This year Pattinson got gritty as a Southerner in David Michôd's The Rover, his first role since Twilight. He told Dazed that he's ready to retire the teen pin-up act and leave Team Edward behind him. "If someone’s saying, ‘You’ve got to look pretty!’ for one thing you feel like a bit of an idiot – you’re just posing. As soon as you take away the allowance for your own vanity, then it’s kind of a relief." And R Patz is headed into heavier territory for 2015, oscillating between Werner Herzog's Queen of the Desert, Anton Corbijn's Dennis Stock biopic Life (opposite Dane DeHaan), and dodging dictators with Stacy Martin in wartime drama The Childhood of a Leader. What's most enticing is simply a rumour at this stage – he rang up king of cult, Harmony Korine, and together they're making a Miami-set gangster flick called The Trap.

The Rover is out on DVD/Blu-ray and Download now