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Tei Shi
Tei ShiPhotography by Eric White

Listen to Tei Shi's hyperballad ‘See Me’

Exclusive: co-produced by Glass Animals, she likens the goose-pimply new track to a ‘stream of chocolate mousse’

Brooklyn-based, globally-minded experimental pop singer Tei Shi broke out this year with the soaring "Bassically", and on the follow-up "See Me" she swerves firmly to the left. Co-producing the track alongside Luca Buccellati and Glass Animals' Dave Bayley, her voice weaves amongst door creaks and keys-on-a-guitar-case clicks, speaking to hearing the clatter and letting go. We spoke to to Tei Shi – aka Valerie Teicher – about her mission statement for the track, and she revealed she’d written down the following when working on it in the studio: “I want the song to sound like fishies swimming up a stream made of chocolate mousse.” We’d say she’s achieved it.

See Me is out now on Double Denim (UK), and Mermaid Ave (US) and available on iTunes