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Moscow label Gost Zvuk share exclusive mix

To celebrate this week's Soviet visionaries, Gost Zvuk Records curate a mix that unearths the treasures of the Russian underground

Russia’s reputation has always been shrouded in secrecy. Other than biting winds, furry hats and frosty wars, vast swathes of Soviet space still remain an enigma – including its music scene. In this exclusive mix for Dazed, Moscow-based label Gost Zvuk shine a much-needed light on our bleak misconceptions, revealing the true talents of the Russian dance scene. With fluid basslines and mercurial throbs, the mix jerks and jounces from the shuttles of the Roscosmos to the underground clubs of Moscow. “I believe these are the guys who are changing the perception of modern Russia,” Ildar Zaynetdinov, the head of the Gost Zvuk label, explains. “We have deep cultural roots, mysterious soul, cold winter and continuous pressure from inside and outside of the country. Building our own universe is the way to survive under this conditions and I find it very beautiful.” The mix features 20 tracks taken from strictly Russian record labels, including ГОСТ ЗВУК, Udacha, Capital Bass, Johns Kingdom, and Incompetence.