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Cecilia Azcarate's One Million Commandments
Cecilia Azcarate / One Million Commandments

One Million Commandments turns rap tweets into God's word

Who needs The Lord when Yeezy and Tyler drop truth bombs every day?

It's been a couple of thousand years or so since God dictated the Ten Commandments to Moses, so maybe we need to refresh our templates for living – and who better to help out than Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Tyler, the Creator? It's not like rappers haven't already been deified to the point of becoming higher beings of the cultural realm, right?

Net artist and hip-hop obsessive Cecilia Azcarate teamed up with a graphic designer named Felipe Rocha and a coder called Tiago Duarte to make One Million Commandments, a giant database that collects all the moral advice that rappers dish out on Twitter every day. 

For example, check this pearl of wisdom from Soulja Boy:

"I think what rappers are saying is important, and the youth is listenin', especially on Twitter," Azcarate told us. The New York-based artist also came up with the genius B4XVI Tumblr, which remixes rappers with their pre-16th century equivalents in art (think A$AP Ferg next to a drunk Catholic saint in a 15th century woodcut). 

"Rappers are way more important or relevant than television or politicians. We wanted to find a way to save all that wisdom and keep it all together because some of it is very clever, while some of it's really funny. Hopefully we'll make a book when we reach a million."

Check out more commandments below and check out more of Azcarate's rap reappropriations for B4XVI here.

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