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Michael Stipe is teaching art at NYU

‘NEW SIGHTS, NEW NOISE’ is the R.E.M frontman's evolving exhibition project showing at New York University

Earlier this month it was revealed that Kanye has been passing on his fashion advice to aspiring designers in LA, now it's been announced that rock icon Michael Stipe is teaching art at New York University as part of his latest art exhibition "NEW SIGHTS, NEW NOISE". Students are spoilt these days.

The "evolving exhibition" features Stipe in residence as both an artist and a teacher at the 80WSE Gallery and includes contributions from our very own Jefferson Hack. The gallery space will be converted into Stipe's studio and classroom for the duration of the exhibition that closes on 8 November. Once a week, Stipe will invite someone into the classroom to pose a question to students and they will respond with 100 images or gifs to be uploaded to a private class site.

While the gallery is closed, Stipe will work using various types of media and when it opens, visitors will be able to look at the work as it is at that moment in time, unfinished pieces of potential that provide exclusive insight into Stipe's creative processes.

He writes on his website: "The title NEW SIGHTS, NEW NOISE refers directly to the glut and onslaught of information made available by the internet, often without context or authorship; the disproportionate and impulsive reactions that it provokes, and the reckless cynicism of a 24hour news cycle. My desire would be to question how we can process all this and then employ, alter, or move beyond it altogether."

Stipe was an undergrad studio art major at the University of Georgia and studied photography and painting before, y'know, R.E.M became one of the biggest bands in the world. If you're in NYC this month, make sure you head down to 80 WSE Gallery to see what it's like inside Michael Stipe's creative mind.