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Wet Don't Wanna Be Your Girl VIdeo

Watch Wet's liberating ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl’ video

Vocalist Kelly Zutrau of Brooklyn's subtle pop trio (re)discovers herself in nature

There's a sweet intimacy and fluidity to the new video for Wet's washed-out pop track "Don't Wanna Be Your Girl", where vocalist Kelly Zutrau of the Brooklyn trio finds herself nearly nude in nature, navigating rainbow-coloured smoke bombs and undergoing a rebirth of sorts in a lake. Her vocal is tender yet triumphant, speaking of finding independence when the heartbreak is over, with a visual directed by Beauty Today, a female-run erotic magazine which questions conventional attitudes to nudity and gender. "It felt particularly right to have a female directed video for this song," Zutrau tells Dazed. "Working with friends whose visions we trusted made it easy to jump right into creating and capturing an intimate, intense space."

Wet play The Courtyard Theatre, London (Oct 15); Fleche d’Or, Paris (Oct 16)