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Feloneezy and Jackie DaggerPhotography Vladimir Miladinović

Teklife's Feloneezy and Jackie Dagger share a frenetic mix

The Serbian arm of the footwork collective deliver 45 mins of 160bpm future-classics

We met the Serbian members of the global footwork crew Teklife back in May, not long after the passing of their leader and close friend DJ Rashad. During the time we spent in Belgrade, Feloneezy and Jackie Dagger displayed a determination to continue flying the footwork flag, not just for themselves but for Rashad.

Today, they drop a 160bpm footwork mix for Dazed that contains almost 100% Teklife material. It stays high-octane from start to finish, underpinned by frantic hi-hats and insistent kick drums, layered with the glassy synth pads inherent to the genre. The duo dovetail from track to track with dexterity, without ever losing flow. An obvious highlight is Rashad's stunner "Double Cup" making the cut halfway through – a poignant inclusion given the emotional connection between the three.

Feloneezy tells us: "The mix is pretty much all Teklife, some classics, some new tracks and a fair bit of unreleased material. It's 160 beats per minute club tracks all the way but we've tried to keep it diverse and dynamic enough for any type of setting. Shout out to Teklife, Vienna, everyone in London and of course our Mystic Stylez crew. 'Neezy and Dagger insisted on there being no tracklist for the mix on account on a lot of the tracks having not been released, so dig in on some fresh footwork below, and revisit our report on Belgrade's footwork scene here.