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FKA twigs' label Young Turks has called for people to report, block and ban racist abuse

FKA twigs hits out against racist Twitter abuse

‘Racism is unacceptable in the real world and it's unacceptable online.’

If you follow FKA twigs on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed that her online followers have changed somewhat. As in, they've become pretty fucking racist. Ever since the press reported that the Mercury-nominated singer was dating Twilight actor Robert Pattinson, she's been beseiged by racist abuse – with trolls tweeting at her official account and posting directly on her Instagram page. 

FKA twigs took to Twitter last night to describe her shock and disgust:

Most of the people attacking FKA twigs appear to be Kirsten Stewart fans and Twilight obsessives who'd rather see Robert Pattinson back with his old co-star: 

In a stunning leap of logic, one troll even calls FKA twigs racist for pointing out that the online abuse is, well, pretty fucking racist

In her cover interview with Dazed, the singer said that she had been singled out at her Catholic school for being the only mixed-race girl. 

"People said horrible things about something I had no control of, which was tough," she said. "But that’s okay. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, is it? I never really saw anything wrong with how I looked, it was more that certain people pointed things out to you about yourself. Either your hair’s different, or the colour of your skin, or your features."

"Half of my life I’ve had people staring at me because they think I’m funny-looking and ugly. The other half of my life 
I’ve had people staring at me because they think I’m fascinating. Everything neutralises. It’s more of a statement on society and how weird it is."

Or, you know, how racist society is. That's a thing too. 

FKA twigs' label Young Turks has called for social media users to block and report the racist abuse, calling it "despicable and depressingly archaic":