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Erol Alkan
Erol Alkan's new mix album FabricLive77 is out now

Stream Erol Alkan's thunderous Fabric electro set

The electro mastermind delivers hard-hitting beats in this mix from his FabricLive 77 album launch

"Predicting the future is worthless; creating it is all I really care about. As long as there is great music which I can discover each week then I look no further than that." It's a timely sentiment from Erol Alkan, who celebrations his 20th year as a DJ this week with the release of FabricLive77. Before the release though, Dazed have a 30-minute techno-leaning set from the album launch party, held at Fabric a few weeks back.

As soon as the snare kicks in on opener Partial Arts' “Taifa” (The Emperor Machine Remix), you know that Alkan's headed in a blistering direction. "Fabric's been the influence which runs throughout (FabricLive 77)," he explains. "I imagined it being played in Room 1, with the crowd fully engaged and where I could take it."Then there's the spacey-laser-beam-sounds and techno mastery of Josh Wink's “Talking To You” – a huge underground club-banger in waiting. Later, in “Be Above It” Alkan mutates the psychedelic rolling drums of Tame Impala into a tech-stomper. "I immediately heard the entire remix in my head before I had started it," he says. "I needed to make a version I could play which sat amongst other strange, unworldly acid records I love." And the current state of electronic music? "In a very good place. I feel it's the best it's been for five or six years. The variety and depth of electronic music coming from all over the world is testament to that."

Erol Alkan's FabricLive 77 is out on September 22 and available to buy here