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Stream an exclusive Suicideyear mix

The elusive #sadboys hit-maker drops a nauseatingly good new mix

Producing distorted trap beats and emotional music for the #sadboys (yung lean etc.) comes James Prudhomme AKA Suicideyear, who made waves on the internet with a self titled mixtape back in 2012 and a equally massive follow-up Japan, which saw him take basic elements of rap into the darker and weirder corners of electronic production. On new album Rememberance, Prudhomme's meticulous construction stands to attention with a sound "devoid of language" which shines through on teaser track, "Hope Building A". To celebrate the upcoming release, Suicideyear treated us to this exclusive stream of his new mix, a delightfully nauseating mix featuring a medley of genres from trap, garage and Rustie's seiezure indicing Raptor

Rememberance is released september 23rd pre-order it here or from iTunes.