Watch a chaotically charged new video from Napolian

The LA producer's latest offering from his debut album Incursio gets explosive with missile-heavy visuals

Producer Napolian of Los Angeles who put out his breathless and very impressive first album, Incursio, earlier this year through Brooklyn label, Software (home of releases by many other musicians of great stature such as Autre Ne Veut, Slava, Co La, Huerco S., founder Oneohtrix Point Never, and as of late, Suicideyear). After releasing his Rejoice EP through Software in 2012 and doing the Airbird & Napolian single for another Brooklyn label, Cascine, last year (Airbird being Joel Ford co-runner of yet another Brooklyn label, Driftless Recordings). Also last year, Napolian made his his presence known helping produce a song on Kelela's CUT 4 ME with the song, "Guns & Synths." All of which leads us to today and the premiere of Napolian's new video for Therm G featuring Dro Carey (also known as Tuff Sherm). Carey acted as director here too and the stakes are astronomically high and charged both aurally and visually with missiles, targets, explosions, and fire all shot through with infrared rays. Let's just say, sufficient chaos has been fostered by the video's end.