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Slava Comma Sutra

Slava – Comma Sutra

Exclusive: Stream the NYC-based producer's raunchy, hair-flip-friendly new EP on Software

“A pause a transition, a space for the next step", is how Slava describes the wordplay of his latest EP, Comma Sutra, out on Software on March 25. Swerving away from the icy footwork-inspired skeleton of last year's sample-heavy Raw Solutions, to the deep, bodily warmth of ghetto bass and clear synth melodies, the record is charged with sexual innuendo – even if track titles like "Position", "Better" and "Lotus" would mean nothing of the sort in a different context. But on the delirious  "Huge Pipes" – equally heaving and giddy – there’s little ignoring the seedy connotations, even if the repeated sample of a water drop leads you towards the more innocuous of its double-meanings. It doesn’t work, probably because there’s a great big dildo on the cover.
“Looking at the cover to me feels like the same way as it feels to listen to the music,” says Slava of artist Analisa Teachworth’s artwork, which features a transparent red synthetic reproduction of an erect penis and a peeled banana, “It fit with the music, it fit with what it is that I’m trying to do.” As for what that is that Slava is "trying to do" – listen and find out.