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Stream Blackedout's darkly saccharine debut album

The US producer is back and he's moodier and more abrasive than ever with Blackedout RIP

Having first caught our attention with his unassuming Soundcloud profile packed with a stream of heady r&b jams, anonymous US producer Blackedout is finally releasing his debut album, premiered exclusively on Dazed. Despite predominantly staying true to his consistent style of darkly saccharine electronica, applying nostalgic vocals from commercial r&b stars to entirely reworked lo-fi tracks, he's taken on a more diverse direction with melodic slow-jams fusing ethereal samples and layered synths for his mixtape/album. Entitled Blackedout R.I.P. the new record features some moodier, and for the first time, abrasive sounds on some more experimental tips whilst the majority maintains all the signature '90s hallmarks for a cohesive modern r&b mixtape.

R.I.P is released today – get it here.