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"Don't Shoot": all proceeds from the track go to the Michael Brown Fund

The Game, Rick Ross, Diddy and more drop a track on Ferguson

An all-star rap team have released ‘Don't Shoot’, dedicated to the memory of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown

A cast of big hitter rappers have joined forces to tackle a hard-hitting subject: the death of 18-year old Michael Brown, shot by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer earlier this month. "Don't Shoot" features the talents of The Game, Diddy, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled, Fabolous, Curren$y, Problem, King Pharaoh, Wale, Yo Gotti and Swizz Beatz and TGT. 

With all proceeds of the track going to the Michael Brown Memorial Fund, the all-star list of rappers pay tribute to Brown and issues a defiant demand for change. The track is the brainchild of The Game.

"The issues in Ferguson really hit home for me, and I feel compelled to use my musical platform to address this," he told Rolling Stone. "I am a black man with kids of my own that I love more than anything, and I cannot fathom a horrific tragedy like Michael Brown's happening to them. This possibility has shaken me to my core. That is why this song must be made and why it was so easy for so many of my friends to come together and unite against the injustice."

Listen to the track below – you can buy the song on iTunes

The song's release comes days after Lauryn Hill released a demo of a Ferguson-inspired song called "Black Rage" and weeks after Roc Nation rapper J. Cole released "Be Free", which he dedicated to the memory of every black man murdered in America.

Atlanta rapper Killer Mike has also spoken frankly online about the racial issues dividing America. "I care we see past Class, race and culture and honor the humanity that unites our species," he wrote. "Stop talking and LOOK at these PEOPLE. LOOK at these HUMANS and stand with them against a system allows a Human PIG to slaughter their child."

Voices speaking out over injustices suffered by black Americans aren't going away. For more on Ferguson, head here.