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Stream James Holden's chaotic synth and drum mix

The techno sorcerer weaves elemental cuts from Silver Apples, Terry Riley and Beak> ahead of his appearance at Unknown

In 2013 the soundscape of modern electronica was awash with the spiritual sounds of James Holden’s second album The Inheritors. Widely and rightly acclaimed by dancers, synth geeks and lovers of noise, it reaffirmed our belief in the hypnotic and the primitive qualities of sound. Ahead of his appearance at Unknown festival, he creates a mix that journeys through the cosmic depths of synth, Krautrock and Dionysian dance music, “from current heroes (Zombie Zombie, Beak>) to inspirations/pathfinders from the 4 decades prior”. Whilst Holden hasn’t been DJing much recently, his modular show has become a thing of untouchable beauty; passionate and completely live; without rules or digital constraints. According to Holden, this Synth and Drum Mix “isn’t about DJ stuff it's about what inspired my live show: thee magickal combination of SYNTH and DRUM. These are not the names of instruments, consider them elemental forces. ORDER and CHAOS”.

Forma – "Forma 237B"
Don Cherry & Latif Khan – "Air Mail"
You – "Son Of A True Star"
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid – "Between B & C"
Silver Apples – "Oscillations"
Beak > – "Wulfstan II"
Enzo Kreft – "I Don't Understand It"
Avant-Dernieres Pensees – "El Miedo"
Zombie Zombie – "L'age D'or"
Don Cherry & Terry Riley – "Koln Concert Piece 3 (excerpt)"

James Holden plays Festival No. 6, Portmeirion, Wales (Sep 7); Unknown, Croatia (12); Teatro Communale, Bologna, Italy (20); Munchner Kammerspiele, Munich, Germany (Oct 25); Rewire Festival, Holland (Nov 8)