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alt j

Stream a twisted (and very good) mix from alt-J

Thom of the Leeds-formed band blends Lana Del Rey, Radiohead and FKA twigs

In 2012, alt-J translated their enigmatic triangle-shaped demos into a genre-blending, Mercury prize-winning debut in An Awesome Wave. It seems that their follow-up This Is All Yours will be even bolder, with shadowy lead single “Hunger of the Pine” mixing up their cleaner alt-pop sound with Americana both hi and lo-fi –  you don’t get more USA than a Miley Cyrus sample. Band drummer Thom Sonny Green created this eclectic mix from his Dalston bedroom, where he does all his production. "Making mixes gives me the chance to screw around with genres and create interesting combinations of tracks," he tells Dazed. "This particular mix came from me playing with Radiohead's 'Pyramid Song' in Ableton and I added the tracks after without really thinking." Here, the Kid A classic spins out into a selection of musical artists at the vanguard: Archy Marshall’s South London collective Sub Luna City, space-age beatmaker Clams Casino and our girl FKA twigs. If this is what's on alt-J's iTunes, then consider us hyped for their new LP, due September 29. Listen out closely, too, for a raw, early demo of “Hunger of the Pine” with that clever sample of “4x4”.


Choir of Downside School, Purley, Emanuel School Wandsworth, Boys' Choir & London Symphony Orchestra – “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Radiohead – “Pyramid Song”

Arca – “&&&&& excerpt”

Jamie T – “Don’t You Find”

Sub Luna City – “2 Cats”

Sub Luna City – “Water Balloon”

Clams Casino – “Crystals”

Clipping. – “Story 4: Sleeplessly Embracing”

FKA twigs – “Water Me”

Young Fathers – “I Heard”

Thom alt-J – “Beach”

Earl Sweatshirt – “Earl”

Lana Del Rey – “West Coast”

alt-J – “Hunger Of The Pine (demo)”

Radiohead – “In Limbo”

Jakes – “Strategy (7 Grammes)”

Bare Noize & Subzee D – “Bloodsport”

Mensah, Sukh Night & Squarewave – “Quadbikes (Squarewave VIP)”

Dog Blood – “Shred Or Die”

Laraaji – “Lotus Collage”