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Listen to Chippy Nonstop and Kitty's cute collab

The BFFs pine after their boo on ‘ME + YOU’, a sweet J-pop-inspired new track

Ever since Chippy Nonstop graduated from twerking (remember her girl-scout-gone-wrong anthem “Money Dance”?), she’s moved into a slightly gentler territory with her sound. This Spring’s ballad “Alone” erred on the romantic side, and now she teams up with Kitty on the super-cutesy “ME + YOU”, an ode to Dream Phone-style flirting. Hashtagged as #jpop and #kpop on SoundCloud, the duo giggle over getting a text, wonder whether he’ll call them his boo and dream of sharing a blunt in the sun. Think a mischevious take on Girls’ Generation’s “Gee”, or Grimes and Blood Diamonds’ exploration of K-pop tropes on “Phone Sex”. It’s also a hard left for producer Pat Lukens, who you may remember as creating the dreamy “Ice Moon” soundbed for SZA. Ride out the rest of your Summer with this sweet slice of kawaii.