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All Tomorrow's Parties: Jabberwocky's ride was cancelled before it even begun

ATP is being taken to court over Jabberwocky cancellation

Publicity and ticketing agencies have initiated legal proceedings against All Tomorrow's Parties

People were understandably pretty pissed off when All Tomorrow's Parties (ATP) cancelled this weekend's Jabberwocky Festival with three days' notice, and the storm around the festival's sudden demise shows no signs of abating. Pitchfork reports that PR firm Zeitgeist Agency and ticketing agents Dash Tickets have begun legal proceedings against the organisers. Both companies say they haven't been paid for working with ATP in the run-up to the festival.

The Zeitgeist Agency said in a statement that they have "no alternative" but to take ATP (also known as Willwal Ltd) to court to "recover the substantial debt" it is owed. 

"We have tried hard to overcome this situation and find solutions, but Willwal’s representatives have revealed to us in writing that they used the funds destined for us in order to protect payments for venue and artists, rather than settle essential and agreed amounts to our company," the PR agency said.

Ticketholders may well be out of pocket for a while. Dash Tickets – which handled the majority of ticket sales – have also begun legal proceedings against ATP for unpaid fees. It alleges that it can't refund ticketholders because it gave all the money back to organisers. 

"In addition to giving ATP all the ticketing funds, Dash has made substantial advances to ATP which remain unpaid, as do considerable fees for the work we have undertaken on their behalf," the ticketing agency said in a statement. "We are very keen to learn where the money has gone!"

ATP have refuted this, saying that it is Dash Tickets' responsibility to refund the customer "as they were the company that took payments".

Rumours of cancellation have circulated since July, which ATP strongly denied at the time. (In fact, their exact words were "No chance this one is getting cancelled!" Hubris, you cruel bitch.) 

While ATP just about made it through its 2012 liquidation, speculation is mounting that bands and music fans will not treat the company too kindly after Jabberwocky – particularly if the company fails to refund ticketholders. What do you think: will ATP survive this with its reputation intact?