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Stream Maria Chavez's exclusive Warm Up mix

From Detroit to Kenya by way of Iceland, we've got a rare, eclectic mix from the turntablist who's got her ear to the ground at MoMA Ps1's Warm Up – sometimes quite literally

As part of our new summer US project States of Independence we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to takeover Dazed for a day. 

The Warm Up at MoMA PS1 takes place in the gallery’s courtyard every Saturday – but for one day only, the live outdoor music series is bringing the party to Dazed. The curators have selected their favourite music artists to come out of the US right now, and resident DJ Maria Chavez has made us an exclusive mix to bring a little MoMA magic to your speakers.

Maria Chavez is the house and disco DJ bringing her avant-garde sound art auteurship to bear upon the turntables she spins. A regular at MoMA PS1's Warm Up summer series, her live performances are gaining traction as a must see across the East River and beyond. Her live performances are a lesson in valuing the physical surface of the records you spin, as well as the needles that they come into contact with. Her recent interactive book, Of Technique: Chance Procedures on Turntable, showcased her turntablism expertise in its series of essays – but anything merely written, or even recorded, could only ever provide a taste of the real deal of watching a live performance. Neverthless, Chavez delivered Dazed an exclusive mix to kick start our Warm Up guest edit – it all begins with the sound of red cups crunching underfoot as people leave the shows in the early hours...


Maria Chavez – Warm Up's Cups 2014

A layered sound piece from the end of 3 Warm Up events this summer. The sound you hear are the people walking on cups they dropped throughout the day in the courtyard of PS1. I loved the idea of starting an opening set with the layered sound of people leaving the same space at different times.

Aly Keita – "Ziglibithy" (from Akwaba Iniséné)

Decided to start the day off with some welcoming African tracks from various areas of the continent. 

Obaa Sima – "Ata Kak" (title track from the album Obaa Sima)

A CLASSIC. This track always starts every summer off on the right foot and was remastered from a cassette, hence the muffled sound. Makes it so much more human to me.

Maria Chavez – "Welcome Suite 1-3, Kenyan Welcome Song 3"

What better way to greet the people filtering into PS1 than with found field recordings of Kenyan children singing traditional welcome songs? I'm currently reproducing the recordings as part of my "Welcome Suite". This is number 3 of 3.

David Marston – "I Don't Want" (from Jamaicalia)

Is everybody in the courtyard now? Ok. Let’s dance.

Bob Holroyd - "African Drug" (Four Tet Remix)

In keeping with the African Welcome theme for just a bit longer.

I don’t have the name of this track because it comes from a very old & disorganized Hard Drive

I’ve had this track since 2009 and can’t figure out why I didn’t label the GD track when I first got it..I play it all the time as it’s on my “10 house tracks you’d take with you on a deserted island.”

Gunnar Wendel - "578" (Omar S. Berlin Mix) 

Gunnar is a good friend. Omar S is a hero. Put the 2 together? Magic!

Oyvind Morken – "En Navneles Jaevel" (Original Mix) 

So much love to the Full Pupp label from Norway. Who knew Norwegians could be so funky when it's so cold? But I guess Detroit is cold too so it must be the weather...

Ob Ignitt – "Jabba Beats" (Original Mix) (from the album Oh Jabba / Space Age Steppin)

Unknown fact about Maria: Ob Ignitt is a personal house hero. And all of Detroit...

Jaakko Eino Kalevi – "Rakkaus Tulee" (Original Mix)

Weird Icelandic disco house? Well, I am known for playing odd tracks, so sure, why not.

Ten Walls – "Walking with the Elephants" (Original Mix)

I was hesitant to include this track because it’s SO popular but my big brother, who came to see me DJ Warm Up all the way from LA. went back obsessed with what he now calls “Tuba Haus”, so yeah, I'm putting it in as family duties.

White label, 2013

That's all it says on this single. Sorry, folks!

Again, from a very old & disorganized Hard Drive from 2008 

Enough said..

Maria Chavez - Close, Warm Up's Cups 2014

The layered sound of everyone leaving on top of the real sound of people leaving.