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The wannabe VFiles DJ Champs bringing the noise

As part of VFiles' State of Fashion takeover, the brand and internet phenomenon select five entrants to watch in their DJ Championships competition


As part of our new summer US project States of Independence, we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to take over Dazed for a day. Today, as part of our State of Fashion week, the radical New York-based brand, store and online phenomenon VFiles is curating our content – from the debut of new show Intern Files, where hopefuls battle it out for a coveted position, to their very own dA-Zed. 

In partnership with Def Jam, VFiles are on the hunt for the hottest new DJ talent. Based on their best mixes, three DJs will be selected by August 15th before being flown to NYC to battle at the VFiles Made Fashion SS15 show after party on September 3rd. For their Dazed takeover, VFiles have picked some hot mixes from the current entrants, but check them all out here and vote for your favs!

Ahhh Finn, we were really hyped to see that the DIS Magazine music editor (And LDN resident, lol) is getting in the game. Plus, he made some original artwork for his mix, which is, irony aside, pretty sweet.


The Junglepussy producer with the coolest Aaliyah shirt collection, Shy Guy is poised to be one of the most interesting producer/DJs in NYC.


As part of the M|O|D collective, we’ve been hyped on REWROTE for a while now. The only description for his mix is “this is a party, not a safari” – we're not sure why those have to be mutually exclusive, but whatever. Good mix tho.


From the opening tracks alone ("COTTON EYE JOE" -> "COTTON EYE JOE [THE COMPANY remix]" -> "TIMBER ft. Ke$ha [R3hab remix]" -> "TIMBER ft. Ke$ha [Jump Smoker remix]"), this mix from BUJUFANTA is so outrageous you really have no choice but to respect it.

Honestly, we don’t know who this is but he looks like a pretty cool dude and his mix is dope AF. Listen.