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Nicki Minaj in Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus"

Nicki Minaj's Anaconda cover is your new favourite meme

If you looked like this, Botticelli would paint you into ‘The Birth of Venus’ too

Nicki Minaj may have pushed back the release date for her new single "Anaconda", but the cover art for the track already has an online life of its own. Minaj debuted the song's artwork five days ago, where it quickly racked up over a quarter of a million likes (because seriously, dat a$$). 

Almost immediately, internet pranksters and Barbz everywhere started photoshopping Minaj into just about everything you can think of: the Google logo, Disney films, Seinfeld... There's even a sub-genre on Tumblr devoted to splicing Minaj into classic works of art:   

The "Pills N Potions" singer seems equal parts tickled and exasperated with the memes floating around the internet. She spent this weekend regramming several choice images before telling her Instagram fans that they might need to chill with the remixing a little bit. 

"The Statue of Liberty tho y'all?" she wrote next to one image that replaced Lady Liberty with Minaj in her drop-and-squat pose. "Praying y'all find y'all chill on this fine Sunday."

Minaj must be pleased with the viral reaction to "Anaconda", especially seeing as its artwork initially attracted some controversy for being too raunchy. Let's just say, you know your image has some serious cultural currency when people start copying and pasting it over Jesus in "The Last Supper".

"Anaconda", the second single off Minaj's forthcoming third album The Pink Print, drops on 4th August.