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Watch DENA's balmy Summer Doesn't Mean A Thing video

The Berlin-based pop-rapper doesn't let summertime sadness get her down

DENA's Flash was a dazzling record: sparks of hip hop, R&B and pop rubbing against each other to capture moments of love, heartache and young adulthood. In the video for "Summer Doesn't Mean A Thing", she chattily confides on the absence of her summer lover while staring out at the sky on the beach and slowly splashing her ankles in the pool. Damn, she misses their Insta game too –  “Pictures that we used to take/Vintage filter everything" – as ice creams melt into dribbling puddles like a messy sugar rush starting to fade. But DENA's not for sulking, with the faintest flash of a grin here and there. She may have a case of summertime sadness, but she styles it out like a pro.