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Stream a disco-leaning remix of Lykke Li's Gunshot

The Swedish singer's new single shines bright with a new twist from Paul Thomas Saunders

"Gunshot" is a cruel centrepiece on Lykke Li's mournful, career-best album I Never Learn. The Greg Kurstin co-production is probably the hookiest on the release, while the lyrics are among the darkest: "And the shot goes through my head and back/ Gunshot, I can't take it back". It soars formidably, like a winged Maleficent. This blissy 80s-tinged remix from Brighton-based producer Paul Thomas Saunders – who released the slept-on album Beautiful Desolation earlier this year – ups the track's sparkle without losing the soul-scraping sadness as its heart. Strutting bass and a disco-y pulse slip around with Lykke’s sparsely looped fragments "shot", and "I can feel you aching". It’s a breezy poolside twist that kicks like a frozen margarita with an extra zing of lime.