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Ramona Lisa

Listen to an hour of pop rarities courtesy of Ramona Lisa

Caroline Polachek of Chairlift celebrates her alter ego's debut London shows by making her first ever mix, exclusively for Dazed

The opening track of Ramona Lisa’s archive-pop-gem-filled mix – Nino Rota’s “What is a Youth” – was recently given an elegaic new life when Lana Del Rey interpolated the 1968 song into her Ultraviolence cut “Old Money”. Some things just don’t date, do they? The rest of Caroline Polachek’s debut mix is just as ageless, teeming with ladies, lovers and elysium landscapes via French -singer Chantal Goya, the loping evangelism of Judee Sill, and way more. When Kate Bush’s Never For Ever deep cut "Delius" rears its head, something cosmic seems to click into place. Speaking of which, Polachek will be bringing her MIDI-made arty pop solo project to London's The Courtyard Theatre on June 17 – tickets here.


1. Nino Rota – "What Is A Youth"

2. Priscilla Paris – "Down By The River"

3. Mark Isham – "Raffles In Rio"

4. Psychic TV – "The Orchids"

5. Henry Badowski – "Swimming With The Fish In The Sea"

6. 葛生千夏 – "The City In The Sea 1"

7. Ennio Morricone – "C'era Una Volta Il West"

8. Honey LTD – "Silk And Honey"

9. Ian Drennan – "Blue Lidded"

10. Penguin Cafe Orchestra – "Zopf: Coronation"

11. Chantal Goya – "Laisse-moi"

12. Kate Bush – "Delius"

13. Jean-Louis Murat – "Cheyenne Autumn"

14. Benjamin Lew – "De L'Autre Cote Du Fleuve"

15. Crosby, Stills & Nash – "Guinnevere"

16. 小川美潮 – "Shambhaline I"

17. Handel (As Performed By Julia Lezhneva) – "Saeviat Tellus Inter Rigores" 

18. Virginia Astley – "I'm Sorry"

19. Judee Sill – "Lady O"

20. Purcell (as performed by Brady Allred & Utah Singers) – "Lay A Garland"