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Death Grips previously dropped No Love Deep Web for freevia

Death Grips drop surprise LP with Björk

Niggas on the Moon features the Icelandic singer on all eight tracks, including Have a Sad Cum

Death Grips do whatever the hell they want, and why not? The Cali noise rap provocateurs unleashed the first installment of a new double LP to stream and download for free on the band's Facebook page. The eight-track release, titled niggas on the moon, features Björk on all eight tracks, including one called "Have a Sad Cum" (an album highlight, obviously). 

The second half of the release will be called jenny death. The full half of the album is titled the powers that b and is due out later this year on Harvest/Third Worlds Records. The surprise hook-up with Björk is not as unexpected as it might seem: the band worked on two remixes for songs off Biophilia, the singer's eighth album. 

“Peace & love," the band wrote on Facebook when announcing the release. "Have a sad cum bb." We'll try. You can stream the LP via YouTube or download the LP here.

Listen to "Have a Sad Cum", the fifth track on niggaz on the moon, below: