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Real Lies

Watch Real Lies' nightcrawling new video

The electronic pop trio take us on a London romance in the dimly lit North Circular

Real Lies are prophets of the concrete island commute brigade on their latest single “North Circular”, capturing speeding glances of a host of ominous characters such as “the men who drink in A road pubs”, “rapturous players” in the petrol station and half-imagined “bailiffs at the door”. With Kev Kharas’s spoken word delivery building from the drawled musing of a passenger staring out the window all the way up to impassioned preacher, the track is an unassuming kicked-back groove like much of the London trio’s disaffected city pop. The video, too, is familiar Real Lies territory, all stretches of motorway and bored expressions as director Joe Alexander follows the mundane with a reverent eye. The striking difference with this track, though, is the extremely direct, sincere way in which Kharas seems to be staring at the listener when he asks “how many late nights does it take you to change?”