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Skinny Girl Diet 2014

Skinny Girl Diet's Twin Peaks tribute

The punk trio wear eyepatches for Nadine Hurley in their Lynchian new video

“Nadine Hurley” is North London guitar trio Skinny Girl Diet’s snarly tribute to the “girl with one eye” Twin Peaks unstable eye-patch wearing heroine. In Lynch’s show, Ms Hurley is trapped in an unhappy marriage and with a single-minded mission to create a completely silent drape runner. In the video, Skinny Girl Diet are summoned by the dial tone of a red London phone box, and then jolted into a velvet-draped shadowy basement to play the scrappy track. It’s a vivid punk blast, but it’s the closing line that’s the real kicker – possibly a refererence to Nadine Hurley losing her eye and single-minded get-rich-quick scheme for her husband– “And I did it all for you/ And I did it all for you”. As the parting shot, the three all appear in eyepatches – in solidarity with an unlikely, but no less powerful feminist icon.