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Dazed May 2014 Playlist

Essential summer jams, from Vic Mensa's party-starting new one to an essential Aaliyah refix

If anyone deserves to be featured in one Dazed Digital playlist twice, it’s Chicago rapper/R&B singer Tink, who is completely slaying 2014 on the back of her tearful Winter’s Diary 2 mixtape and her constant collaborations (including an upcoming project with the almighty Timbaland). It would take a pretty strong person, we think, to choose between the two smouldering odes to dangerous love that she shared this month, featuring Kelela and Jeremih. Add those bittersweet jams to Drake and Chance’s scattered melancholy, Vic Mensa’s curveball of a summer tune and bouncing-off-the-walls madness from the likes of LV, Mumdance, Bok Bok, Salva and Aussie newcomer Air Max ‘97, and you’ve got the tip of the iceberg of what an incredible month this is for new music.