Tough talk and dismissing clichés in the second of a video series on Chicago's female emcees

In the second of three video features on Chicago's female emcees, we meet take-no-prisoners rapper and singer Tink, who was first profiled by Brooklyn bass producer Brenmar for Dazed's April issue. In a scene saturated with up-and-comers, Tink qualifies as a double threat with her ability to switch between smooth R&B vocals and hard-talking drill bars. At 18, she's already released four mixtapes, including October's anthemic get-money ode Boss Up, and has collaborated with the likes of Future Brown and How to Dress Well. Here she talks about defying the stereotypes of a femcee: "Being a female rapper, we have more to prove. Female rappers have to be raunchy, exposing their bodies and whatnot. I wanna stay away from all that. I wanna be myself."