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The world's first doge house music label is very wow

Such vinyl! Much drop!! Dazed talks to the owner of the first Doge record label ahead of its first release

If being the fastest growing cryptocurrency, or even having its own version of 2048 wasn’t enough, doge has now added another string to its bow. The meme-loving Shiba Inu has turned its paws to the wheels of steel and will be DJing soon at a lulz club near you. Well, sort of. In reality, a London-based record label named after the funny looking mutt is putting out its first release next week. Such DJ!!

The label’s owner, John, said he named it Doge because the dog “is a pretty significant figure in the modern age”. He added that “the house music community haven’t exactly fallen over themselves to embrace him, so I thought it was about time that changed.”

The four track limited-500 press white-label 12” is compiled of tracks by ‘unknown artist’, which John believes goes back to the “use of anonymity to shift expectations of releases” that the white label culture gave birth to. The tracks encompass different styles of house music, from Chicago to New York, with Doge Records planning to be a predominantly house label.

Sceptics may see the release as a bit of a spoof, with it just a bit of a publicity stunt by using Doge as the selling point. However, John appears adamant that this isn’t just a one-off, and promises that there will "definitely" be more releases.

"When they’ll come out I’m unsure,” he added. “Three to four releases a year sounds about right.”

As with anything on the internet these days, there will be new trends and meme’s that could knock Doge off its perch. Every dog has its day, after all. But for the present, you are able to pre-order Doge Record’s first release at Kristina Records. Just don’t expect to be able to pay for the record in Dogecoin, yet.