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Kool London's jungle mix

An exclusive two-part mix from the original jungle pirate station

Jungle Fever is the fifth and final documentary in our Music Nation series. Directed by Ollie Evans and produced by Friend London, it celebrates one of the UK’s most vibrant and vital genres, tracing jungle’s journey from humble beginnings in Hackney to the heights of the mainstream. The doc premieres tonight at 12.05am on Channel 4, and to mark the occasion, we’re celebrating all things jungle – from the style to playlists.

To honour the premiere of tonight's final #MusicNation episode, Jungle Fever, on Channel 4 we've got this very special mix courtesy of Kool London. Not content with a playlist full of jungle bangers today, this two hour homage to hardcore raving comes from one of London's finest original priate radio stations - The mix takes us through the history of Jungle, from its early roots in Hackney that's original pre-internet moniker Kool FM was a key part of, up to its present day revival.