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Hear Sean Nicholas Savage's surreal mix

A folksy dream-pop mix from the Arbutus artist, created on a roadtrip from Boston to New York

TextLiz PellyPhotographyMichael AvedonStylingGro Curtis

Sean Nicholas Savage's best album to date, Bermuda Waterfall, is out May 12 on Arbutus, the Canadian singer's tenth full-length since 2008. To celebrate the release of his new record, Sean made this mix in the back of a tiny rental car on a hazy Sunday morning drive from Boston to New York (a weekend trip documented for Dazed's new issue). Heavy on folksy dream-pop from the '70s, his mixtape A Savage World somehow manages to seamlessly draws lines from Dave Loggins to Radiohead to Janet Jackson, sewing in Michael Martin Murphy's twangy '75 hit "Wildfire" and '80s Brit rock group Prefab Sprout along the way. Much like Sean's music, the mix shows how soft radio pop sounds can take an all-the-more surreal shape when re-contextualized or twisted in certain ways.



William Finley – "Faust (Winslow)"
Sally Oldfield – "Easy"
Demis Roussos – "From Souvenirs to Souvenirs"
Bob Dylan – "Went To See The Gypsy"
Dave Loggins – "Please Come To Boston"
Michael Martin Murphy – "Wildfire"
Fleetwood Mac – "Sara"
Radiohead – "High And Dry"
大貫妙子 – "しあわせな男達へ"
Prefab Sprout – "When Love Breaks Down"
Paul Young – "Come Back And Stay"
Anna Jurksztowicz – "Zmys_y Precz"
Janet Jackson – "Let's Wait Awhile"

Sean Nicholas Savage wears cotton shirt by Bottega Veneta.