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Radiohead PolyFauna

Radiohead release game app based on King of Limbs

PolyFauna, the band's trip into a glitchy digital universe, is now out on iOS and Android

Radiohead have never been shy about pushing technological barriers, and today they launched PolyFauna, an app based on sessions for their 2011 album, The King of Limbs.

Incorporating imagery and sounds from "Bloom", the first song off the album, it's a weird glitch-trip through a pixellated universe set to a deconstructed remix of the track. You glide through digitized forests and seascapes as faceless creatures glide past you.

As you tilt your phone up and down, your perspective on the scenery shifts. Swiping your finger across the screen causes multi-hued fractals to explode onscreen. Should you wish to enter another level of the game, a red dot hidden somewhere in the landscape provides an exit out. 

"It comes from an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious," Thom Yorke explains on the Radiohead site. "Your screen is the window into an evolving world." 

It's not exactly the new Flappy Birds, but it's an interesting digital rework of a much-loved album. 

You can download PolyFauna on iOS or Android on the band's website.