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Tirzah – Malfunction

Exclusive: DIY home movie vibes in the effortlessly casual new video from the upcoming No Romance EP

The thing about Tirzah and her partner in crime Micachu is that they make everything they do look so effortless. In the slipshod rhythms of the anti-dancefloor jams (see last year’s phenomenal “I’m Not Dancing”) and the close-to-the-bone ballads they make together there’s a sense of frayed edges and open space that makes it all seem so breezy and thrown together - but the astounding thing about it is that every individual sound, inflection and wink to the listener is beautifully placed. Take their new video, “Malfunction”, premiering a track from Tirzah’s upcoming No Romance EP for Greco-Roman. The melody wriggles and meanders, Mica’s voice floats in and out of the background and it’s shot like a casual DIY home movie. It’s warm and sweet and sort of sad, like a quiet morning-after cup of tea in your best friend’s kitchen, and comes with the same cosy-lazy feeling of making you not want to leave the spot.

"Malfunction" is on the No Romance EP (out April 21 on Greco-Roman) for Non USA/Canada pre-order here, for USA/Canada pre-order here.