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Tirzah and Micachu's exclusives-packed mix

Pop musician, friend of Micachu and fashion-fiend Tirzah's mix is an experimental deelite

You might have seen London musicians and schoolfriends Tirzah and Micachu together back in 2005 testing some demos out at Plastic People's CDR night, or saw the pair blowing the crowd away at Boiler Room earlier this year. Maybe you picked up on the buzz around Tirzah's “I’m Not Dancing” record, out last week on experimental dance-pop label Greco Roman. Or maybe you're totally new to the extraordinary music of this extraordinary singer songwriter. 

Drawing influences from the likes of The Streets and Robert Wyatt, fashion grad Tirzah uses garage beats, ethereal synths and stripped-back vocals for a sound that operates between the homemade pop jams of Micachu and the Shapes and the dance pulse of the London night and a love for a good, old-fashion earworm. Wonderfully, according to Wikipedia, Tirzah is Hebrew for She is my delight.

Well, she is our Deelite – bringing the feel of the dancefloor into somewhere, more fun, soulful and weird than anyone else. Groove is, as always, in the heart. This "mix", comprised entirley of entirely new material was still being tweaked up till last night. Now, here we proudly present a new set from one of the capital's most fascinating new voices. 

DD: So tell me about the mix, are there any running themes or ideas?

Tirzah: We wanted to start out by putting some sounds/beats together and the ideas sometimes just came from that so there aren't really any fixed themes.

DD: People have described your new EP I’m Not Dancing as experimental pop, who do you draw influence from?

Tirzah: The Streets, Robert Wyatt, Floetry, Bassline compilations, D'angelo, Grimes, Skip James. Bit of an indefinite list but influences come around or have been picked up along the way.

DD: You and Mica 'Micachu' Levi are longstanding friends, what’s it like working together?

Tirzah: It doesn't feel like work really which is all part of whats so good about doing it I guess. Somehow we value it more.

DD: This is your debut EP, can we expect more?

Tirzah: We'll most likely be doing tracks between ourselves just like before but when people take interest it makes it more worth while and relevant.

DD: What provoked the move from your fashion career back to music?

Tirzah: I've been singing with Mica throughout so never really felt like I left it. I still do printing. Music has definitely just been a constant for me I think and the pair of them are expressive in different ways. 


1. Cold Sweat Reflects

2. Bounce & Reflect

3. Looking Back

4. Cold Sweat Drips

5. Fall In 

6. On My Own 

7. I Just Don't