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Say hi to Music Nation, our new Channel 4 documentary series

We're teaming up with Channel 4 for a radical new look at the cult scenes that defined British music

Dazed are thrilled to announce Music Nation, a new five-part music documentary series commissioned by Channel 4 that premieres in April 2014. This landmark exploration of British youth culture will take in all the key players, fashions and music from five iconic underground scenes – UK garage, Bristol bass, jungle, hardcore punk and Balearic.

With a mix of personal stories and archive footage, Dazed will dive head-first into these generation-defining subcultures to examine their radical impact on British youth culture. Each half-hour documentary will be broadcast on late night Channel 4 and then made available to watch on Dazed Digital afterwards. It all kicks off with a full-length documentary of garage author and photographer Ewen Spencer's Brandy & Coke on April 2.

Here's a taster of what's to come:

Directed by Ewen Spencer and produced by Somesuch & Co., Brandy & Coke looks at the golden days of UK garage and its ultimate demise. 

Directed by Tabitha Denholm and produced by Partizan, Berkshire Goes Balearic recounts Ibiza-styled hedonism in the home counties. 

Directed by James Jessett, Bristol Bass Oddity uncovers a West Country culture clash that accidentally defined global electronic music. 

Directed by Jim Demuth, Soap the Stamps tells the tale of late 80s UK hardcore and the kids who kept the ’82 spirit alive through fervent DIY culture. 

Directed by Ollie Evans and produced by Friend London, Jungle Fever celebrates one of the UK’s most vibrant and vital genres, tracing jungle’s journey from humble beginnings in Hackney to the heights of the mainstream. 

Can't wait? Us too. In the meantime, you can watch the original Brandy & Coke short: