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Annie Russian Kiss

Annie – Russian Kiss (feat Bjarne Melgaard)

Exclusive: Hooking up in protest in the Norwegian singer's powerful new video, directed by Richard Kern

Following the annoucement that faux-lesbian duo t.A.T.u will open the Sochi Olympics, cult Norwegian pop signer Annie releases “Russian Kiss”, a political, propulsive electropop track with a colourful, pash-rash inducing video directed by Richard Kern. “In Norway, the political leadership has rejected calls to remain at home”, write Annie and Bjarne Melgaard. “This could have been an occasion for Norway to stand up for the fundamental right to express your feelings towards the one you love.” In response to the Norweigan government’s refusal to take a stand, the singer turned to her regular collaborator Richard X, the producer behind her excellent A&R EP (2013), to record the track last November. As guys and girls strip off and make out in the video, Annie intones “Show your love for the lovers, the others, the fighters, outsiders, people like you” over a hammering beat, acid house bloops and darkroom sex moans. As Annie and Melgaard explain: “the film is meant to be a critical cry from Norwegian elite performers — albeit not from the Olympic disciplines.” Brilliantly, it’s a call to arms – and a call to love – that feels incredible to dance to as well. Take that, t.A.T.u.